The nature of São Tomé e Príncipe

So much to see!

São Tomé e Príncipe is the perfect African holiday destination for nature lovers. Find yourself in lonesome valleys and climb majestic volcano mountains. Observe dozens of endemic bird species such as Príncipe Grey Parrot, Tomé Gágá, Truqui, Merlo and Tchin-Tchin-Xolo. Swim with Dolfins, watch the wales, take a rest at truely lonesome beaches. Observe the turtles and dive to unique Atlantic submarine landscapes. Discover ruins of ancient agricultural outposts, villages and railroads overgrown by São Tomé e Príncipe’s dense rain forest vegetation. Discover mystical lakes and waterfalls, learn about jungle spices and breath the fresh air of the Ocean and the forests. Although our landscape is rough and wild, our country is  very secure, making São Tomé e Príncipe the perfect place for everybody who wants to get to know Africa – easy, yet real. Enjoy truely unique nature in truely tranquil holidays.

Discover São Tomé e Príncipe by foot (local guide recomended):

Selected hiking trails

South Beaches Mangroves Walk

Look out for: lagoon, mangroves, Ylang Ylang, Piscina (“Pool”) beach, Jalé beach, views to Rolas Island, hills and beaches in a sunny dry area. Starts at crossroads before Porto Alegre (0°02’56.1″N/6°32’06.1″E). Elevation min/max: 0m/262m. Approx. distance/duration: 8.9km/3h.

Praia Boi Turtle Beach Hike

Look out for: Diverse nature, Jackfruit trees, villages, protected turtle nests, Praia Grande (no swimming), coconuts and relaxation at Praia Boi beach. Starts northward out of Santo António (1°38’44.8″N/7°25’11.6″E). Elevation min/max: 0m/160m. Approx. distance/duration: 12,5km/3.5h

Lagoa Amélia Primary Forest Hike

Look out for: botanical garden, maniok fields, fog forests, Truque birds, lianes, the escaping slaves trail, monkeys and the mystic Amélia lake covered by thick grass. Starts Bom Successo (0°17’18.9″N/6°36’44.0″E). Elevation min/max: 470m/1473m. Approx. distance/duration: 7.3km/4h.

Angolares Forest Circle Hike

Look out for: Wild herbs, coconuts, Osami spice flower, Safú trees, Ossobo and Yellowbird, Pepperwood, Soap tree and the famous “Rosa de Porcelana”. Starts at S. João d. Angolares (0°08’16.3″N/6°38’55.5″E). Elevation min/max: 0m/291m. Approx. distance/duration: 17.5km/6h

Rolas Equator Short Walk

Look out for: art shops, Starfruit trees, coconuts, fishermen’s boats, views over the channel to São Tomé, Cão Pequeno and Cão Grande mountains and the Equator. Starts at Ilhéu das Rolas Harbour (0°00’00.3″S/6°31’16.9″E). Elevation min/max: 0m/95m. Approx. distance/duration: 2.6km/1h.

Ribeira Izé Ancient Settlement Hike

Look out for: Jackfruit trees, the hidden jungle ceremony, grey Parrots, Breadfruit, cocoa plantations and Principe’s first settlement. Back by car. Starts at Santo António cinema (1°38’30.8″N/7°25’09.8″E). Elevation min/max: 0m/121m. Approx. distance/duration: 11.8km/3.5h.

Jungle, waterfalls, wild plantations, hidden volcano valleys, trails, lagoons and wild beaches:

Season all year round

Some of  São Tomé e Príncipe’s nature and festive seasons: January: New years Bath in the Ocean, King Amador Day, Santo Izidoro at Ribeira Afonso, bread fruit, turtle oviposition, turtle eclosion, short dry seaon. wale spotting. February: short dry season, Batepá National Memory’s Day at Fernão Dias. March: Orchids blossom. April: Orchids blossom, bread fruits. June: Mangostane fruits, World Music Day at São Tomé City. July: Mangostane fruits, Independence Day, Nossa Senhora Perpetuá at Conde, Santa Maria at Madalena. August: Orchids blossom, Palm wine event at Otótó, Floripes Dance and Traditional Event at Santo António. September: Orchids blossom, Nossa Senhora de Nazaré at Trindade. October: Orchids blossom, Mango fruits, Nossa Senhora at Guadalupe. November: Mango fruits. December: Wale spotting, Christmas, turtle oviposition, turtle eclosion. All year round: palm wine, cocoa (each 3 months), coconuts.